Cosmetic Use

The " Volos Sweet Almond Oil "  is suitable for use throughout the body and all skin types. It is easily absorbed and does not clog pores, leaving the skin hydrated, soft, healthy and glowing!

Makeup Remover

Can be used as a makeup remover for both face and eyes as it respects the sensitive and fragile area around the eyes. Massage it gently. It's effective enough to remove waterproof mascara and at the same time nourishes the eyelashes.

Ideal for massage

Apply with gentle massage on wet skin, right after bath, to hydrate, alone or after adding a few drops of essential oil of your choice.

For lips & nails

Hydrates and nourishes the lips and nails, improving their appearance.

For strong & shiny hair

It can be used against dandruff or as hair mask for strong and shiny hair. Before shampooing, apply a few drops of sweet almond oil, massaging  the scalp.

Treating dry skin and eczema

It protects the skin’s elasticity, preventing the appearance of stretch marks and furthermore is a natural way to treat dry skin and eczema.